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A great memory is a rainy night where the air was crisp but you were warm in front of the fire. Equally as wonderful is the day where a downpour caused you to just stay in and watch movies. Being able to utilize features in your home to make your living experience as amazing as possible is one of the reasons why interior design is so important. Your living space should reflect your individual style and make it a joy to be in you own home. Having a personalized environment, filled with items that combine aesthetics and functionality is the ultimate goal of furnishing a home. Vive Decor makes it easy and affordable to make the memory in front of a fire by a realistic and desirable alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Many of the electric hearths have a realistic flame without any of the mess, are portable, and are incredibly simple to install. If space is limited in your home but you want to have a fireplace and a TV stand, there are actually TV stands that also have a fireplace. It is difficult to enjoy all of your media equipment if the room is in shambles. Media cabinets should compliment your decor, space specifications, and personal requirements for media storage. TV stands and fireplaces actually offer a lot of space for DVD collections, stacks of albums, and other media accessories using hidden panels to inconspicuously store items. Any item in your house can take on a modern edge or a classic approach based on the materials used in its construction and the color scheme used. There has never been an easier way to complete a room and create an eye-catching focal point to gather with friends and family to make memories.